My favourite places to learn programming

I love how many new people are looking into programming and I get asked all the time about good resources. We all know you can google “how to java” and it will negate the bad grammar and bring you to a junkyard full of resources. All teaching roughly the same thing, the logic of programming. But being such a vast result….. what do you do with it?

See the thing here is you can sit down and learn all the ways to make a string and print it or create an object, but that’s not doing much for you if you’re just following examples and not thinking for yourself. A good programmer has a logical mind and is able to think of all possible avenues of a problem, not follow a tutorial better than anyone else. It’s hard to find that kind of teaching in these results.

The first place I wanted to pass on is a site called project euler and will really make you think about how to use some basic concepts to make some complex structures but also will make you look into things on your own and think of more efficient ways to solve things. At the heart of it all though, it’s main purpose is just to get the right answer to a crazy maths problem that no one would ever ask in the first place, which frankly are the best kinds of math problems, while also taking you from if statements to pointers and will push everything you know with every new problem.

There’s also things everyone should just know on their own. That is to say that we can’t hold your hand across every interest that’s out there and how to get involved. It’s impossible, people and minds change all the time, so you need to know where you can find something that tickles your fancy and you can work on yourself. That’s where coursera comes in. It will give you online courses in what ever you might think you’re interested in. It will start you off small, give you assignments and give you a feel what what caught your curiosity. Maybe you’ll love it, maybe it’ll just never mean anything to you again, but either way you’ll have an answer. There’s so many amazing courses on that site it’s impossible not to mention.

It’s a long journey, learning to code, but it’s got some of the best views along the way. It’s not easy and you have to keep at it, but there’s lots of ways to get there and well worth it. It’s exciting pursuing something that doesn’t have an end and can amaze you every time you think you’ve seen it all


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