Hackers gotta hack

I’m a little tired of hearing this. Hackers can and will get through any system. You can not store anything on a server for any period of time and expect it not to he hacked. This is a story every country does to every country and until data is stored in a why where the data isn’t contained in one place, this will always happen

Russian hackers reportedly breached the House of Representatives’ email system http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/14/9529611/russian-hackers-house-of-representatives-email

Learning Rust: More Modules! More Tests! More Types!

Rust seems kind of cool

Stewart Charles

Since the last post, there have been several incremental changes made to the game module. First, the module has been expanded to include sub-modules for the network component, and an additional module for testing. These sub-modules have yet to be implemented, but are declared for structural reasons. The tree view of game module is shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.35.56 PM

Revenge of the Modules!

As you can see, the complexity of our project is increasing! While it’s tempting to try and cram the entire program into a single main.rs file (actually, it’s not tempting…), we would be better served breaking our project into sub-modules. This is a convenient way of dissembling our project into it’s elementary but related components, which allows us to sensibly navigate our rather complicated hierarchy of related data types, functions and items.

Sub-Modules are ‘linked’ to the parent game module by declaring them from the entry point of the crate…

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How I Debug things

I like insights and this covers a good one

Mike's Tech Blog

One day, while I was writing some C#, a coworker commented on a line I wrote:

var foo = getFoo();

“Don’t use var!” he exclaimed. “Use a concrete type. Otherwise, how would I know what foo is?”

I was willing to accommodate him, so I updated the selection:

Object foo = getFoo();

He was not amused, however, if the only way I’m using foo is:

Object foo = getFoo();

Then what is the problem? My code will compile, after all.

Two different modes of thought

His basic issue came down to trying to debug my use of foo. Let’s say foo.toString() wasn’t doing what it supposed to, here is how he would look at the code before testing it:

  1. Determine the specific instance of foo by inspecting getFoo
  2. From this, project what state foo would be in at runtime (variables, fields, and whatnot)
  3. Trace out how the…

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Reasons I won’t install Windows 10 for at least a year

Every few months we’re met with the hype train. It pulls into the station and offers free tickets to take anyone for a ride. It shows you the beauty shots and all the flashy brochures but lets face it. It’s still the bloody hype train. It’s not the year of the Linux desktop, it’s not the year the Apple add anything new to the iPhone that will warrant the price of it, it’s not the year EA straighten up and fly right, Liverpool are never winning a cup.


And they will be fore a while


Same rules apply with Windows 10. It’s just Windows, it’s just a new release, it’s not optimized, there are always teething problems and we’ve seen this all before. It will be a full year (in fairness I mean that at the latest, a lot of fixes will happen before then) before we get updates addressing most of the issues and the forums everywhere quieten down with repeated questions like “dose dis wuk wit windoz 10”.


As you can tell, I’ve been hit in the past with some of the hype and left feeling like a fool (dam you alone in the dark 4!!!), here’s why I wanted to make this post.



As of release day, windows 10 user base has just shot up, and as BIG would say “Mo money, mo problems”. With this user base increase come an influx of weird issues not seen before, new errors reported and poor forums a wash with new threads, making anything you ask about lost in a wave of other random silly issues. Despite what they may say about “official release date”, it’s still in beta….. to me. Certain issues are not known just yet that will affect a lot of people and  these are the kinds of patches, I want to come with the release, but, when certain issues don’t float to the top until release, no one knows they exist.


Developers also have to keep up with making the new features stable as well as fixing the unknown errors they now have. Anything they have included that may have so much as a little bug needs to be addressed. Already the battle is tearing them between random errors and maintaining new features, which in itself, maintaining the new will be a task for them.


Then there’s also those features that have been removed. There will now be pressure put on the team to bring back certain features or drop current ones. This can be seen with Aero that came with Vista or the last of a start menu in 8 that didn’t come out till 8.1. Some people have become on certain features or tool being in certain places. This is another area they must give time to and to reconfigure and test.


Then there’s rule 3 of optimizing. Windows will have to face the uphill task of taking the OS they’ve made and making it perform better as an OS. Gamers, 3D graphics renders, hardware manufactures, these will all be expecting better performance and will want more improvements soon. If they want their sales of Windows 10 to climb, then they’ll need to make those benchmarks improve to show the OS is improving over time and is a wise investment.


I know that they will have this ironed out to a great system but for me, I want to wait for a patch. It just makes you feel let down when all you can do is focus on a feature or issue you need an update to fix and all you can do is wait and think about it. Let the testing to the testers and the using to the users. I’ll be waiting for one of the big patches (which will come with it’s own hype) before I’ll install windows 10.

Real time 3D programming

This is an amazing real time programming language that I came across some time ago. It’s been a while since a post but assured that soon I will have made up content after I’ve everything I want sorted on the site itself. For now, revel at the awesome that is Tao3D

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